Stop Judging Yourself

If you’re constantly judging your diet, exercise regime and lifestyle by labeling things as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, you need to stop. Now. All-or-nothing thinking often means that anything less than ‘perfect’ is perceived as a failure. Having these incredibly unattainable standards sets you up to feel like a failure, and you start to tell yourself things like “nothing I ever do is good enough”, “if I just weighed less, then…” or “everyone is prettier and thinner than me”. Try this instead: Add the word ‘but’ to negative statements. For example, “I didn’t get to exercise today BUT I did get to bed an hour earlier tonight and my body needs rest” or “I overate at dinner tonight BUT I understand why that happened” or “I ate chocolate today BUT I really enjoyed it” or “I didn’t eat enough vegetables today BUT I did have two pieces of fruit”. When I’m feeling less than perfect, I’ll repeat to myself “I accept myself and accept others”. It helps me let go of my need to be perfect and my expectation that everyone else must be perfect, too.