Take a break without going anywhere. Since most of us aren’t traveling far from home these days, consider these “stay-cation” ideas.

For 3 to 7 days, plan a “recovery” retreat.

    • No phones or screens. May watch movies but must be DVDs or other “non-internet” forms
    • Plan vacation-like meals and possibly activities
    • Play games, have fire pit, read books, watch the sunset or sunrise

If you only have a short amount of time (an hour or a few hours), taking a “break” means focusing on what gives you joy rather than what “must” or “should” be done.

      • Water your plants
      • Play with your kids or pets
      • Read a fun novel
      • Go for a socially distant walk with a friend
      • Listen to great music
      • Cook a fantastic meal
      • Draw, paint, sing, or play an instrument (anything creative!)