Decide How You Will Think

It’s true: you can “DECIDE” how you will think about situations or events. Like other skills, it may take practice for you to consciously focus on things in life that are going well or working for you. For example, if you have tried (and failed) many times to adopt healthier eating or exercise habits, STOP berating yourself for your failures, and TRY focusing on all the ways you’ve improved, or made progress towards your goals. Its important to set goals that are hard to reach, but then we MUST also appreciate the small successes we have along the way. If you continually focus on your “failures” you may simply give up because you never seem to improve. But if you re-frame the situation slightly, view your “mistakes” as learning opportunities and really dive into what is working and do MORE of that, you may realize that you are very much on the road to getting closer to your goals.