What to Eat DURING a Workout

What to eat DURING your workout…

1.) Workouts less than 1 hour: you don’t need anything more than water.

2.) Workouts longer than 1.5 hours: you will need to some liquid calories that can supply carbohydrates and hydration. For example, 1-2 cups of diluted fruit juice or sports drink might be just enough to get you through the workout and then you can eat right afterwards.

3.) For workouts that will be longer than 2+ hours or very intense with lots of sweating, sports drink with sodium will be needed throughout the workout. To replace glycogen, gels, bars and/or sports drinks can be helpful if well-tolerated. Alternatives to sports foods are crackers, bananas, part of a bagel, ¼ to ½ of a sandwich (honey, jelly or a little peanut butter). However, small amounts of food taken with enough fluid are the best approach, and be sure to experiment to figure out what works for you.