What to Eat BEFORE Racing

The short answer is this: eat what you know settles well in your digestive system based on what you’ve tried and tested many time before. For most athletes, carbohydrates are more easily digested than protein or fat, so eating a high carbohydrate meal 2+ hours before competition is best. And, since muscles are fueled by glycogen and glucose, carbohydrates make sense. For runners or those who will be competing for many hours, low fiber may also be important to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems. Water or sport drink can be sipped in the hour before competition, allowing enough time for one last trip to the bathroom before competing. What to eat AFTER racing. Very simple: whatever you want!!! While it’s important for recovery to include some carbohydrate and protein in what you eat, your first priority should be to eat whatever sounds and tastes good. Once you’ve had that post race meal, you can get back to business as far as food and nutrition goes. Recovery from a major athletic event requires protein for muscle repair, carbohydrate to replace glycogen stores, and vitamins and minerals for immune support. Deep colors (plant phyto nutrients) from fruits and vegetables may also help with recovery.