What to Eat AFTER Your Workout

What to eat right after your workout…

The standard advice for post-workout fueling is to try and eat a meal or snack that includes both carbohydrates and protein within 30 minutes of your workout. The portion size of your post-workout snack or meal should reflect your workout. Most people have a typical “meal” size but are not sure about post-workout “snacks.” Here are some ideas for those:

1.) If your workout lasted 1 hour or less, any of the following snacks should hold you until your next true meal: ½ of a sandwich with sliced turkey, hummus or peanut butter; 1 piece of pizza; Hard boiled egg with fruit or vegetables; Handful of nuts and fruit; Chocolate milk; Yogurt with fruit; Bagel and cheese (not cream cheese); Peanut butter crackers; Granola or energy bar with fruit or milk.

2.) If your workout was over an hour or VERY intense, you’ll need a bit more protein for muscle repair and more carbohydrates to replace glycogen. Increase the portion size of the snacks above or eat a full meal.