Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year.  All about food and family, no presents or shopping, what’s not to love?  If you agree with the previous sentence you can stop reading now.  For everyone else, you know EXACTLY what I mean!  Thanksgiving puts a lot of additional pressure and stress on hosts and guests alike. 

As a guest, you are expected to eat (and eat a lot) of foods you may or may not enjoy.  As a host, you struggle to cook and prepare foods that everyone will enjoy.  And, if family is involved….well, enough said.  The best approach to Thanksgiving is to be THANKFUL to your host(s) and for your guests, and realize that you only have to eat or prepare what works for you, not what you think will please others.  As a host your role is to offer food, and possibly invite others to bring dishes to share.  As a guest, your role is to be polite and helpful but it is not to eat as much as possible to please the host (even if she is your mother).

Thanksgiving is like any other meal:  eat enough, not too much, you can always eat leftovers another time.  If you can do this, and avoid engaging in stressful conversations, you will make it through the day just fine.