Sodium Needs Vary

We constantly hear the message: use less salt. The daily value for sodium is 2,400 mg (1 teaspoon), and most of us easily get more than this in what we eat everyday. But for endurance athletes especially those who are “heavy” sweaters who leave salt stains on their clothes after workouts, getting enough sodium can be an issue. Athletes can lose more than 1 gram of sodium (~1/2 tsp of salt) per liter of sweat, depending on the temperature and humidity. Athletes sweat more often than the average person, and they need more salt. Most athletes can get the sodium they need by salting their food, or eating foods that have extra salt like pretzels. For those athletes who train for more than an hour or who compete in endurance events lasting several hours, taking a salt replacement tablet or using a sports drink with adequate electrolytes may be necessary. Performing a sweat test can help determine your salt and hydration needs. This article may help: