Short Days Can Make Workouts Feel Harder

You’ve probably never thought about it:  shorter days means less sunlight, less vitamin D production in the skin, colder weather, and can also make it really hard to get out of bed.  In addition, lack of light can make it hard to get motivated to exercise, and workouts can FEEL harder.  You aren’t imagining it. 

Studies have shown that sunlight impacts the brain in many ways and for people who experience even a little seasonal depression (SAD), short days can be tough.  First, get your vitamin D levels checked and take a supplement if you need one.  Second, consider upping your Omega-3 intake by eating more fish, taking supplements or both.  Finally, look into light therapy.  Sitting in front of a 10,000 lumen light source for 20-30 minutes daily can make a huge difference for some people.