Planning Ahead Makes Holiday Weight Gain Less Likely

Planning Ahead Makes Holiday Weight Gain Less Likely. You know this. So do this: 1.Make a list of 5 simple meals that you can cook within 30 minutes. 2. Make sure you have the ingredients for these 5 meals on hand AT ALL TIMES during the holidays. 3. You can always decide on something different for dinner. But having a plan means you less likely to use the drive thru or order pizza. 4. If you do order pizza or drive thru, eat it ON A PLATE, and add a salad or baby carrots, fruit, etc. 5. Consider signing up for a meal delivery service: the time you save between less prep time and fewer trips to the grocery store is worth extra cost. 6. Smile on January 1: you’ll be one of a very few who weighs EXACTLY the same as they did on November 1. Enjoy!!