Moving Forward

Sometimes to see how far we’ve come we need to look back.  And appreciate how much we’ve accomplished. 

I did my first sprint triathlon, Iron Girl Columbia, in 2009. I did it at the suggestion of a neighbor who knew I liked running and swimming. I hadn’t ridden a bike for more than 25 years and only owned a vintage 1978 road bike. I had no idea how to use the new shifting set ups on road bikes, and I didn’t know how to change a flat tire.  Fast forward to 2016. I’ve now raced about 30 or so triathlons (maybe more), mostly shorter Olympic and Sprint distances but I’ve done a few longer ones, too. I’ve replaced my racing bike 3 times and now own 4 bikes (and I’ve rebuilt the 1978 road bike). I’ve raced in various places around the US and beyond, and its not a big deal to dismantle, pack, and then reassemble my bike when I travel to races. I’ve met people from all over the country and world, and love coaching my local swim group. I’ve blended my career interests (food and nutrition) with my love of triathlon and found a sponsor (the Wheat Food Council) who supports my racing. And, I get to talk about nutrition and the importance of food whether you are an athlete or simply know one.

Bottom line:  I NEVER could have foreseen that one very small decision (to race a sprint triathlon practically in my backyard) would lead me to the places I’ve gone (figuratively and literally) since then.