Mindset is everything

Mindset is Everything 

It’s the last few weeks before I head to the Netherlands to compete for the 4th time at ITU World Championships.  I’ve been training for months, if not years now.  Someone asked me the other day if I ever get tired of it.  The answer is….of course. 

We all have days, weeks and sometimes longer when we just don’t really feel like doing whatever it is we’ve set out to do.  For me, I tend to have more of these days when its super cold outside or when I’m down to the last few weeks before a race and I’m a bit worn down.  Here’s what keeps me going….

Gratitude…that I’m doing any of this at all, that my body and circumstances have allowed me to be where I am. 

Staying Open to the Process…I’m not excited about every workout, and training can be boring, painful, and exhausting. I typically “notice” these thoughts and feelings but I let them go. There’s no point in dwelling on things for very long because before you know it, the workout will be over and there will be something else to focus on.

Only One Job…to do the best I can with the circumstances as they are.  This doesn’t mean having a perfect workout or setting all kinds of personal bests.  It means giving as much as can or is required for a given situation or workout.