Go Further with Food: Leftovers and Freezing

It’s week #3 of National Nutrition Month!

Here’s another GREAT way to Go Further With Food:

Buy only what you plan to eat or can freeze within in the next few days.  Plan ways to use leftovers later in the week.” 

This just makes sense!  So, why don’t we do it?  Because most of us are very busy and overly optimistic about what we think we can get done in a day.  We have GREAT intentions, but life intervenes continually, and it’s easy to find that all the groceries we bought a few days ago are still sitting in the fridge, uneaten. 

So, here are some tips to keep your plans on track:

  • Make a list of the meals you plan to eat for the next 2-3 days. Put the meals ON YOUR CALENDAR with a link to the recipe.
  • If a meal has leftovers, CONGRATULATIONS! Lunch the next day or two is now planned as well. Or, if there’s enough, freeze it for next week. If you don’t eat or like leftovers, then COOK LESS FOOD.
  • If you are some one who LOVES to cook but don’t have many people at home to cook for, consider finding people in your community who might benefit from your cooking. Many communities have programs that can use good cooks J